What Mistakes is a DIY Deck Builder Likely to Make in Brisbane

If you want to extend your entertainment or living space to your outdoors, consider building a deck on your property. A well-built deck has many benefits, like adding beauty to your property and increasing the value of your property. When building a deck in Brisbane, you can hire professional deck builders or build the deck yourself. For most people, the latter is always the easy decision to make, mainly because they want to try all they can to save the money they would require to pay for the needed deck-building services.


Unfortunately, this is never a wise decision for you to make unless you are a professional deck builder. This is because DOY deck builders are prone to making mistakes that hinder this project from becoming a success. If you have decided not to hire professionals for the deck-building services you need, this article will help you discover the mistakes you will likely make as a DIY deck builder.


Common Mistakes DIY Deck Builders Make in Brisbane

DIY deck builders are always prone to making mistakes when constructing their decks. Some of these mistakes include;


  • Selecting the worn construction materials

Choosing the wrong materials to use when constructing a deck is a costly mistake that DIY deck builders always make. Most DIY deck builders need help understanding the weather conditions’ impact on the materials used to make the deck, mainly because this structure sits outside the home. Therefore, they select materials that cannot withstand harsh elements and weather conditions, making the deck deteriorate quickly. This means they will require some repair services soon after building the deck, which may be more costly than hiring professionals.


  • Failing to seal the wood

Another common mistake among DIY deck builders in Brisbane is failing to seal the wood. When you have unsealed wood on your deck, it begins to deteriorate very quickly. This results in weathering, which leaves the deck surface looking old in a very short time. With time, water begins to infiltrate, making the wood warp and swell and could lead to splintering and splitting.


  • Failing to install the hardware properly

Professional deck builders understand the different hardware pieces used to construct decks. Some of them include angle brackets, post fasteners and joist hangers. They also use screws and nails to fasten the deck boards to the frame. For durability, the hardware pieces used should be made using a material resistant to corrosion. Also, the hardware should be properly installed for the deck to stay strong for a long time. Unlike DIY deck builders, professionals understand all these facts, which makes them do the job perfectly. They, therefore, end up installing the hardware wrongly.


  • Excluding rails or having the wrong rail height

When your deck is above a certain height, rails must be installed. However, deck builders are always cautious and ensure they install rails on any deck they build. This is to provide a strong barrier that prevents the deck from falling. DIY deck builders must install rails at the right height so users are likely to topple over the deck. This leads to accidents for kids and adults, which can be avoided by having professionals build your deck.


  • Using inadequate footers

Decks require heavy-duty support. This ensures that the deck supports the weight of the materials used in construction and the users, furniture and equipment installed in the deck after the construction. This makes the footers of the deck an essential aspect of ensuring the deck’s safety. However, DIY deck builders in Brisbane use inadequate footers, which causes the deck to partially or fully collapse when users begin to use the deck.


Whey Do DIY Deck Builders in Brisbane Make The Above Mistakes

You may wonder why DIY deck builders will likely make the above mistakes while deck building is a very simple job. The first reason why they make these mistakes is that deck building is a highly complex job requiring a lot of skills and knowledge they do not have. Secondly, this is not their area of specialisation, so they need to learn how to proceed with the deck construction process. To avoid headaches while constructing a deck in your home, it is best to contact the professionals at Lifestyle Patios.


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